The existence of radio stations that pander to juveniles is a mystery. No one knows how or why they exist. Their remote broadcasts are from places like high schools, roller rinks, and shopping malls. When one tunes into these stations, she/he is sure to hear N'Sync, the Backstreet Boys, or wannabe gantsta bitch rap. The DJs are twenty-somethings, and the listener can almost hear them thinking, "I want to fuck Britney Spears!" as they play "Hit Me Baby One More Time" yet again.

The logical question: Who the hell would want to advertise on such a station? Only junior high and high school kids listen to them, and we all know what a poor group of consumers they are. I don't even know why any business would want to be associated with Christina Aguilera. It is, indeed, a conumdrum. Possibly even a conspiracy, but I need to look into who would be evil and sadistic enough to make us listen to such bubblegum crap.

UPDATE: Am I the only one who had no money in high school?