I ask a boon of you, my fellow Everythingians. Remember the creative writing excercize in high school where one person begins a story, and you pass it around the room for other students to add to it? With all of the intelligent, creative people here on E2, this is the perfect forum for such a story. I humbly begin this story, and ask you to add to it as you see fit. When I feel like it, I'll ask someone I respect to end it. I depend on you to make this work!

"A Story" By Everythingians

Dinka awoke with a start. The gargantuan four-post bed...the fire smoldering in the fireplace...the scent of strawberries...all told her she wasn't at home. Her mind raced as she tried to remember the events of the previous night. Full of dread, she turned to see if anyone was in bed with her. Thank God, I'm alone, she thought to herself. Now what the hell am I doing here? And where is here? Then she remembered...

Added 6-4-2001: For the love of all that's good, this has gotten way out of hand. Please, no more continuations, I beg of you.