A Marvel comic book character, created by Len Wein and Herb Trimpe, first appeared in Hulk #181 but became the most popular character in the X-Men series.

Although the details of his background have become convoluted, as is par for the course in modern comics, this much we know:

  • Wolverine is a mutant with a healing factor that enables him to recover quickly from injuries
  • The Canadian Weapon-X program laced his bones with indestructable adamantium; combined with the healing factor, this makes him very difficult to kill
  • Wolverine has heightened senses, enabling him to track prey by smell
  • He has six adamantium claws that spring from his wrists; the cuts heal thanks to his healing factor

Wolverine has most commonly been characterized as a ferocious fighter with a barely-submerged feral rage.

The character is portrayed in the X-Men movie by Australian actor Hugh Jackman.