The forty of forties.

If sad times fall on your life and you need some alcohol to wash away the pain of daily life, spend $1.85 on 40 ounces of OE. Maybe buy some Olde English to mock the idea of drinking forties. After you take the first sip, the immediate reaction will be to throw that $1.85 investment away. But why? That's right, keep drinking it. The cool, charcoal filtered flavor will become bliss halfway through the bottle. Make sure you are keeping the bottle capped too, don't waste the precious carbonation(Really don't! Without capping the forty, it becomes more and more difficult to drink.) If you get to the last tenth of your eight ball, pour it out. That's for all things lost and remembered. Mmmmmmmmm, malt liquor. If you choose the forty route, skip past the Mickey's, Colt 45, and Schlitz. Always get the brown bag, it's the best way to keep it cold and grip the delightful beverage.