sup party people?

it's been a while since I've noded. But the sun seems a little warmer mixed with a cool gentle breeze. Or, I could just say the beautiful weather makes me happy. A rare adjective used to describe me as of late.

newest life problem.... I'm 25, two girls are 20, one is 19.

Mulholland Dr...... I get to see a pre-screening of that tonight. I love me some David Lynch.

kb...... I've always been a schwag smoker. schwag just seemed to make more sense. but kb, damn.... that's some killa that gets you blown.

frisbee golf.....played 18 holes today. shot well.

I've got a shitload of noding to do. The last two months haven't changed me, but they've shed a light onto aspects and individuals. And this has created some pretty meaty substance for nodes to tackle.

should I be a robot, or go out and play?