The day started with the sensation of two unraveled coat hangers inside my stomach changing positions. Not alcohol induced, I am left wondering.

Speaking of wondering, the Supreme Court's decision against the medicinal use of marijuana really bothered the shit out of me. The case, United States v. Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative ended in an 8-0 decision. I guess the country would rather see people in pain use booze. Neato burrito.

Great weekend though other than last night. I couldn't hang out with my Mommy due to a second job. But the events that led up to that over the last two days tickled me rather pink. I got a number Friday night, didn't mean shit. It was a fuck them that night kind of situation, but I am trying to not meet and fuck people in the same evening. I watched my co-workers twirl fire the other night, truly a porno for pyros. Give it up for Perry Farrell's comment on the L.A. Riots!