Strange things happen to those with class. Two nights ago while at a bar, I saw a girl with a group of people. She wasn't with anyone there, so I mosied over and offered to buy her a drink (cliche, but it's a fucking bar). She accepted so I sat down with the name she got mine. Eventually, I asked her if she had a man. Shot down, that's OK...I said something cheesy, said it was nice to meet her, and told her she could join my friends and I at the pool table.

She didn't.....

Last night, I'm at the same bar shooting pool with a couple people, we've all got a good amount of Blue Vs in us. Everything is moving in slow motion. Out of nowhere, someone hugs me from the back, covers my eyes , and asks, "Guess Who?" I didn't recognize the perfume, but she held me with a nice firm grip. I turned around to find the girl from the previous night. She looks at me with these dark brown eyes while her cheeks rise up to form such a comfortable smile. Right as I'm about to say something back, another person hugs me from the back and covers my eyes. With the same question asked, I was baffled.....different perfume and a voice I've never heard. I turn around to find a really cute girl whos asks, "This is the guy from last night? Well I approve." The two girls hugged each other and started kissing. My "what the fuck look" made them both laugh wildly. I offered them a drink and came back with three Pacifico's.

There is a scene in Chasing Amy where Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams discuss going down on women. For roughly an hour, the three of us spoke in the same type of conversation. We all compared techniques, I got a few pointers but told them I hold my own. So I got berrated for that, they needed an explanation. So the simple fact I listen and respond to different moans and body movements with each thing I do, and knowing that every girl is different. I guess I passed their test or something for they started sharing tricks of the trade. I never really thought of using my nose, I always exploited a softly shaven gotee(for which I got props.) Anyway, I've got a big ole grin today, they're bisexual actually, I didn't even attempt a suggestion. Instead, I took them back to my house and we smoked a joint. Nothing like a finely rolled spliff after a thorough conversation about eating pussy.