so i find myself in a moment of reflection.....

A friend just came over to my house and left with two grams of Black Afghan hash. Not even a friend really, well let's say a friend now. An old pal told me someone he knew was looking for hash, I talked to him on the phone and let him know to come over. So he knew what he was buying, I asked if he wanted to smoke any. He replied with filters and papers from Amsterdam and a hellified spliff. The fellow really should have been in the movie Half-Baked. Because he was the "all knowing" smoker. I love these guys.....they make you feel good about what you're holding. I saw the brick my hash came from, a large golden crown engraved on the top of THC turd. So for 43 bucks, he left with two grams of hash, a cantelope, two cucumbers, a tomato, and a jade star watermelon. I'm an organic farmer, I bring stuff home so visitors can leave with something. Watermelon tastes better in a Texas July than any other food. Maybe caldo, but I'll stick with watermelon for consistency's sake. I'm rambling though, my guess is the spliff.

I recieved a message from Klaproth today. Seems my foul tasting Hot Carl node wasn't taken too well. Oh well, the subject alone is a great bar anicdote. I'm looking into the Peace Corps right now. This farming job shows me a light I've never recognized. Funny thing is, the ideas seem real familiar. Trust me, when picking your 35th vine of cucumbers you have a lot of time to clear your mind. Good and bad things come from that.

Well, I could go on about these thoughts and expose the completely insane side of me. But instead, I leave you with a suggestion. Watch the movie State and Main.