OK, so the last week reminded me that life always changes and sheds new light. Bright and sparkly light finds the cracks and crevices that elude me all the time.

So imagine this..... two South Austinites, two club kids, and two guys from Dallas decide to play a game of dominos. What's sounds like a bad joke ended up being the setting for the other night. Let's add some more elements shall we? First off, marijuana smoke destroyed room visiblity as a swirling stick would in a murky creek. Alcohol slowly loosened the lips of each patron. And finally, cocaine spray painted everyone's brain in the room making them completely confident. Basically, I struggled that evening to prevent a fight from occuring in my kitchen. The shit talking mood dominos creates went a bit too far with awkward glances between club kids and the Dallas folks. Altercation was avoided, but lengths were taken to reach peace. The following morning, I woke up with a stupid grin confirming the previous night's events. When shit doesn't go down, you can appreciate the moment without serious damage. With genuine emotion(ok, not genuine but what really is most of the time?) I experienced a serious situation without regret or significant thought to follow.

Hanging on a curtain