The sun is beautiful today. Maybe it's Saturday, or maybe the carry-over effect from the evening.....I can't put my finger on it. Last night showed me something I'd been missing, a good time with friends I don't see anymore. When you first get to college, my case 1994, you meet a shitload of people. I remember saying," You know in like three years, I bet we don't remember each other."

This reflected growing up a military brat, you never stay somewhere long enough to sink roots. The tradeoff for me was great social networking skills. A true statement indeed, put me in a chatroom online, and I am lost. But me in a group of twenty people in a lobby, I'll know why John and Susan should talk to each other....slight inflections on facial expressions and reading body language as if it were the Sunday Funnies. Anyway, I'm overwhelmed to know where I stand with these people of seven years. A deep rooted realization in a positive manner makes this weekend a true . Basketball in 45 minutes. In a city I love....I am home.

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