Weakest Man was dreaming about The Maiden With The Green Eyes when he was abruptly awoken by streams of warm liquid.

He jerked awake, thrashing at the men who stood urinating upon him.


Spluttering and enraged, Weakest Man scrambled from the ring of The Bachelors, who laughed and kicked at him.

Wiping the urine away, he fled his tormentors, who threw sticks and rocks after him.

Weakest man made his way to wash in the stream, burning with humiliation and choking back his frustration.

Arriving at the stream, Weakest Man was stunned to find The Maiden With The Green Eyes, washing from between her legs the mess of Strongest Man’s recent mating.

At the sight of her he became flush with arousal.

She saw him then.

Strongest Man displeases her, yet she felt her young arousal burn at the sight of Weakest Man's pubescent, slender frame and his stiff erection.

Grasping a Birch tree, she turned and bent forward at the hips, presenting herself.

Weakest Man rushed to her and entered her clumsily.

Within a dozen thrusts of his hips, a wave of ecstacy built in his loins and exploded in a burst of orgasmic pleasure as he ejaculated inside her.

The Maiden With The Green Eyes was not pleased.

She turned upon him, unsatisfied and scowling, and pushed him forcefully into the cold water.

Stunned, he watched her tromp up the stream bank to the main camp.

Weakest man felt more acutely the loneliness of an indifferent world.

Soon the Bachelors’ fire would grow low and he would recieve a beating if it died.

Wet and shivering, he began to gather wood.