How's everybody today? Good I hope. How am I? I'm all right. Sorta funny actually. Its been one of the shortest days so far actually. I woke up at 3 pm, then left for school at 5:30 which didn't start until 6:30. That's when my misadventures began.

My mind was so out of it simply because I was suffering from my tendonitis. The clinic I went to yesterday told me to buy a 32 dollar wrist brace! 32 bucks!? Who did they think I am? Bill Gates? Haha! Sorry. I guess I'm just being "thrifty" but money's tight lately. Since my mom works as a travel agent, even her hours have been cut since the terrorist acts. So I have to tighten up my suspenders and bear and grin it, and help out more. Sucks in a way, as I feel like I've lost some of the freedom that I have because of the money lost. Don't misunderstand, it's not that I'm unwilling to help out, it's just that ideally, I just wish we didn't have to work. Ain't that the wish of many? Anyways, as I was on the bus, I was talking to the bus driver asking him why how come sometimes when I want the next bus stop request sign to come up, it doesn't. He didn't really explain and I sat down and just listened to my Fin.K.L cd. Slowly, I drifted off to sleep. Imagine that? After 13 hours of sleep (Yeah I know I'm bragging now!), I still fell asleep. I'll just blame it on the music. When I was approaching my stop, I was still asleep. I didn't even notice. I would have wound up downtown! Fortunately, this really really really really attractive young lady woke me up because she overheard me talking to the bus driver about going to school at Langara College. I woke up, introduced myself before I left, and hoped that I could see her again next time.

I get to school, and I feel like I'm being stared at. Ever had one of those days when you feel like you're being stared at? I guess that's just the oversleeping kicking in, in the form of complete and utter paranoia. I get to class, and I find out that my classmate who told me last week that the class was cancelled that the class actually happened. Sorta annoyed me but to make it up to me, she photocopied the notes for me! How sweet! But then the assignment wasn't done, but then she gave me a copy of it too! At that point, I just wanted to scream halleluah but I settled down to a thank you. Be natural I kept telling myself. Screw that.

Economics class was as exciting as ever (please note some sarcasm) but since I missed last class, I still paid attention to make sure that I didn't really miss anything important since the midterm is next week. Thank god I had the foresight to read ahead. I wasn't really that much far back and when I answered a question about the relationship between marginal cost, marginal benefit, and supply and demand correctly, people were astonished. I was always the little quiet guy in the back. Granted I knew some people there, but now they took notice. During the break, some of them talked to me too. One was really cute too. When we left the class, I waved bye to her and she waved bye. Damn it. I already forgot her name. I'm an idiot.

I'm the type who doesn't really like to stand on the bus stop not really doing anything so I walk around, almost pacing. There was this other girl there that was really cute and started staring at me. I said nothing simply because I thought that I was making her uncomfortable due to my pacing. For the next 45 minutes, she stared and stared all the way to Richmond. I was gonna ask her why, but then she got off. When she did, she turned around and waved bye to me. Damn. I'm having a good day. A really really really really good day. That's it. That means I'm dead tomorrow. Great. Time to get some life insurance.