Another day, another writeup I suppose. E2 is becoming less and less of an addiction and more of a hobby I suppose, even though it meant much more than that at an earlier time. What is a guy with not enough time to do I suppose?

The day was rather mundane to say the least but at least I got to buy me two korean cds, Baby V.O.X 5 and S.E.S Long Long Time VCD. Mind you, it doesn't mean to me as much as it did before, that being a cross between an infatuation and a full obsession. Cheap too. I don't really doubt that it's illegally copied but to save a buck, one must forsake ownership of the original to get an inferior product at a reduced rate. I'm glad that I bought it though, especially since I'm still staring at the videos right now as we speak. What a dreary life I lead, but then again, it could be worse. Much worse.

Work is becoming a bore and a source of constant stress as a newbie isn't pulling her weight. My supervisor asked me for my opinion, but instead I gave my professional criticism. I suppose in this case, there isn't really much of a difference but at least I tried to make it impersonal and simply from a viewpoint of a veteran looking at a rookie. I wasn't really sure how to explain that what she was lacking wasn't experience but a sheer willingness to exert effort. So I placed it in his hands and changed the subject.

Playing pool has become a weekend ritual for myself, mrfurious, dawadeving and our buddy Mike. I suppose it's one way for a bunch of guys that don't have much in common other than primal sexual urges towards attractive members of the opposite sex to bond. That and the fact that there are usually hot ladies at the local pool hot spot. That combined with the owner playing my favorite Korean videos once in a while convinced me not to play anywhere else. Since the owner hired a very very alluring young woman to work there and her willingness to talk to us is another plus. Life is getting better. Or until she quits anyways.

I was asked by one of my lady friends to help her write a report regarding the economic turmoil that the United States are going through due to the attacks two weeks ago. I tried to help to the best of my abilities, which at this point, with no formal education in commerce or business, went better than I thought. She was ecstatic to say the least, with me promised sweet favors for the services rendered. I feel like a moron, being simply manipulated like a piece of putty under the skillful hands of a master, or a 3 year old child for that matter, but simplicity dictates that I should be happy of what has been provided for me. But the adult in me stomps the ground in frustration as I try to deal with the futility of doing favors for the sheer "kindness" of my heart. But for now, it is deemed necessary to play the game like so.

For the first time in the longest time, I get two sundays off! Deciding what to do, I would hope to have the opportunity to go over to my friend's dormitory so we can somehow conjure a culinary masterpiece together. I'm no slouch but I'm not sure whether I can teach her anything well. It's a situation of "The Blind Leading The Blind", at least to put it mildly. I'm leaning towards one main course, one quick dessert, and of course, a personal favorite, Oreo cheesecake. I think the hardest part of that task would not be the preparation of the food but to keep my simple friendship simple. Due to situations beyond my control (few are actually under my control), a romantic encounter didn't happen before but I suppose a lingering feeling of nostalgia and disappointment has disturbed me. But that's okay. Let them all come back.

Off to sleep I believe. I hope that my coughing does not keep me up again as it has the last few nights. If I get enough sleep, maybe I'll have the opportunity and strength to tell my friends the truth of what's been happening lately. Maybe. Or I'll wait until they're all asleep.