Korean pop group composed of 3 female members. Name is acronym for Sea, Eugene and Shoo, the nicknames of the members. The three members are named:

Choi, Sung Hee (Sea)
Kim, Eugene (Eugene)
Yu, Soo Young (Shoo)

After Diva, they were the first mainstream korean all girl pop group to hit it big in the musical market. They released many popular songs, using the styles of pop, R&B, and hip hop. While part of their appeal is their attractiveness, they actually do have actual singing ability, unlike other groups such as Fin.K.L and Baby V.O.X. who mostly depend on sex appeal to sell records.

They have released 4 mainstream Korean cds while releasing 3 Japanese cds. Their Korean cds are named the following:

S.E.S. - S.E.S.
S.E.S. 2 - Sea, Eugene and Shoo
S.E.S. 3 - Love
S.E.S. 4 - A Letter From Greenland
S.E.S. 4.5 - Surprise

Their Japanese cds are the following:

Reach Out
Prime - The Best
Be Ever Wonderful

In their Japanese cds, Shoo became the main singer because she is Japanese. Some of their singles include "I'm your girl", "Yume Wo Kasanete", "Ai Toiu Nano Hokori", "Twinkling of Paradise", "Lovin' You", and "Be Natural". Their latest single from the cd "S.E.S. 4 - A Letter From Greenland" is called "Show Me Your Love".

Overall, like Fin.K.L and Baby V.O.X., they have dived into other multimedia items such as remix cds, and videos. On the other hand, many simply feel that they are different from the rest because they can actually sing and sing well. In conclusion, they are a great group, both due to their singing abilities and their attractiveness.