Today was a great day, to say the least, as I've actually had fun (like childish, innocent fun) for the first time in a while. Mind you, while I find hanging out with buddies fun, today was definitely different to say the least. Last night was full of intoxication through alcohol, with my poison of choice being 4 bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade and a bit of Vodka from MrFurious. Questions at the end of last night didn't really make things easier and I decided to avoid the subject by drinking even faster. Lovely to say the least, but its my way of dealing with my problems.

I woke up at 830 in the morning, and tried to get back to sleep. I slept on the small sofa, which seats two. Being burly, I was sleeping on an inverted sitting position with the remaining alcohol drifting towards my stomach. I had a feeling of motion sickness without moving so I decided to go inside and sleep properly on a bed. I slept until 2 PM when I found out that MrFurious and Mike went home. Nuts. I thought I was gonna go grab some food.

After loafing around for a few hours, I picked up my sister at IKEA. Jenn was there again, and of course, I wanted to say hi. Still reeling from the disappointment of not being able to go to the Christmas party, I wanted to impress her as much as possible. While they say women love men in uniform, I didn't think that the IKEA uniform counted in that sense. I was in casual clothes but definitely better than I would at work so I tried to chat it up but to no avail. I didn't really mind as much as my VCR was taping the revival of the Reboot TV serires.

After a quick workout with MrFurious, I paced my remaining time, eating dinner and sprucing myself up. A lot has been on my mind lately, and going out with someone I used to like isn't really the best thing but I suppose if I can get through this, it may show some sort of strength that I thought I had lost long ago. Besides, I thought it would be a good time to grow up.

With some difficulty, I picked her up at UBC only to start wandering and driving everywhere. Small talk was bypassed with conversations regarding changes since the last meeting and the direction of the car was instinctively pointed towards the places within Vancouver that held the best city scenescapes. We wound up in downtown where we looked around for something to do or a place to grab a drink. We found ourselves in Moose Magnets and after 40 minutes of walking around in there surrounded by plush dolls, I decided to try to find a momento. As I tried to practice being a gentleman, I asked her to pick anything there, and we'll get one a piece as a momento. Sammy the Beanie Baby was picked. We walked around some more, passing a Bread Garden and Blenz and wound up in this little Japanese store in Downtown Vancouver. As a random thought, I bought a 24 exposure disposable camera, and hand-in-hand, we walked around for about an hour and a half taking random pictures. We asked strangers to take pictures of us, we took pictures of each other, and even took a picture with a dog. While we were hounded by a homeless man, I didn't think that one bad point should ruin a night destined for simple pleasures. We headed over to her dormitory and put up Christmas lights. We chatted it up for another hour or so, and I wound up home at 3 AM. It was a great night, though the pictures didn't turn out well, it was still etched in my mind. I needed it, to take away from my lonely mind and from news I received from the night before. I just wonder when the next good day will come....