Another day done, another day productively wasted. I didn't expect anything more than this but its disappointing nonetheless. Its not necessarily a long day mind you but its typical enough even for an animal of routine to get bored with.

I get woken up at around 12:30 (mind you thats like 6 am for me since I sleep at ungodly hours) by my uncle to fix the garbage compactor. He kept on referring to it as the "garburator" and I'm not sure whether to laugh or whether to check to see if he's right. After an hour of dealing with the items that we have discarded down the sink for the last 3 years, I thought to sleep, only to be called upon again. This was a social call, and was one that I didn't really mind. I decided to make lunch and MrFurious joined me. I was glad to have the company and was glad that he didn't choke on the chicken noodle soup.

We head out to finish my errands, and tried to fish out a dreamcast. Apparently, its been recently reduced down to 50 USD so thats like 80 bucks CDN. But to no avail, as they still sell it here for 100 bucks. I'm not quite sure whether he's still going to buy it but it would be fun. I might be more excited than he is. I'm such a lamer.

I head off to the doctor. He was an hour late but since he's one of the nicest guys in the medical field I've met, I didn't mind. Well, at least until he used nitrogen to get rid of an infection on my legs. Walking like I've just had a prostate exam, MrFurious, me and Mike went to eat quickly at Wendy's. I'm not particularly pleased with that food, but cardboard from Wendy's and cardboard from McDonald's don't matter much for me (as one can see, I don't really have the highest regard for fast food as a former employee of 3 years). We played about 3 hours of Counterstrike in a place where one whole inhale of air indoors would take 3 minutes of your life due to the amount of cigarette smoke. I wanted to say "I ordered a Zima, not emphezima" but decided against it.

On the ride to Mike's house, of course, we heckled him about his cousin. She's still jailbait but she's cute for her age I suppose. He is disturbed by the amount of interest in the topic but I suppose the interest is proportional to the amount of discomfort that the interest itself generates in him. Crude, but effective nonetheless.

Tomorrow is another day, one that might delve into activities that isn't typical. We might hang around FEMALES! Hanging out with all guys might have weirded me out by now. We might go to Karaoke, but at this point, with the expected attendance, I might not attend. I'm not particularly comfortable in crowds, especially when show tunes and bad harmonizing is involved. Maybe I should just stay home and do some studying. Maybe. Maybe not. Its the thought that counts right? Isn't it?