Harry Potter this, Harry Potter that, I'm so sick of Harry Potter! Everything I hear around about movies is "do you know if Harry Potter is good?" Mind you, while not a big fan, it wouldn't be so annoying if it wasn't so blown out of proportion in the social infrastructure which is also known as the media. I don't particularly like the books nor am I particularly intrigued by what I see in the commercial, I just wish people didn't talk about it so much. I guess I expect too much. I'd probably talk about Lord of the Rings when the movie comes out. I just hope it doesn't suck as much as Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

As mentioned before, days off are a gift sent from some divine entity. I slept quite early last night, around 3 am, which is late for some but quite early for me. I truthfully attribute it to the lack of slurpees purchased from a nearby 7-11. I've been on a sudden health kick, carefully watching my diet and actually paying attention to the health information on the sides of the boxes. While I love being round (sometimes I feel that my motto is "I'm proud to be round"), maybe its time for me to find me a nice lady out there to have as a romantic companion. While I tell others that I like the way they look , I don't particularly think of myself as "hot stuff" so I think some weight loss might be good. Besides, it takes the right bait to catch the right fish right? On the other hand, since I have been cutting down on the fat (drinking skim milk only, reducing fat, no slurpees, much more cardiovascular activity), I've also been losing a lot of weight at a rate that I didn't expect. I've lost 7 pounds now in a matter of a week, and it has left me drained. I'm going to see my doctor to see whether I'm doing something wrong or whether this is normal because it sure as hell doesn't feel that way.

I spent the whole day almost at home, waking up at 2:30 pm. Groggy would be the best word to describe my condition in the morning. Staggering around finding something to eat, I wound up going to RPM, eating the cheap chinese food there (you get what you pay for). Work called me, thinking that I was supposed to work but I don't remember that. I then slept again from 5-9. I don't know why, but I did. I asked MrFurious whether he would be interested in going to the gym, but apparently was busy doing something else. Not being one to press, I left and did some more cardio. Disappointing, only doing 4 kilometers but its better than nothing. Tried to drop off videos to Hyacinth Gurl but she was busy. I wind up home, doing some more origami.

Now I'm left pondering what to get people for Christmas. I don't really have to get my male buddies anything for Christmas since we have a pact of non-gift giving, but everyone else might pose to be a problem. I'm not known for creativity unless necessary (like during school projects and other such occassions), I'm asking nicely what specific people like but to no avail. If I ask someone what they would like for Christmas, that simply shows that I care enough to get them something. Most of the time, I simply wouldn't care enough to even ask. But that's that for now. I'm left alone in the shopping world. I hope that I can figure it out before Christmas rush in the malls.

Tomorrow is a dilly of a pickle. Pondering whether I should go to Psychology class tomorrow or look for another job. Interesting indeed. Wondering whether the income increase by switching to a job with a lower wage but more hours will be offset by the amount of friends lost at work (especially Jen....HAHAHAHAHAHA). Maybe it won't be such a hard decision after all. You can only talk to the people at work so much right? Since my stupid finals are on the 10th of December and the Christmas party is on the 9th, I won't have much more chances to bond. I'll make it then. For now, my focus is on Christmas presents, health changes and the new Kpop group S. Damn. I feel like I need some more Ativan.