Its was to become one of the least expensive weekends in the last 2 years as I almost did not go out and chill for a bit until tonight. I went out tonight with a friend, and I bought 20 bucks worth of chinese food. Mind you, I did it simply out of gentlemanly manners and conservative traditions, not because I wanted to get at her "goodies." What disturbs me is the redundant fact that I encounter when I become the target of violent behavior simply because I care. Whether this is a weakness or a strength (depending on one's viewpoint of the world), I find it disturbing. Moreover, I am disappointed that I am not able to stay up to watch the meteor shower tonight simply due to sheer fatigue. But that's okay. I have other things to do.

Work, as expected, was dull due to the fact that people didn't know Ikea would be open on Saturdays until 9. Frankly, I don't understand the motivation to buy furniture on Saturday nights when there are definitely more exciting or more productive ways to spend one's weekend evening, but there are people there, bored enough, who simply wander in awe at the variety of items that I would like to consider junk. I can't really complain much, especially since these are the people that pay my bills but still, I would like to be able to understand the idea behind Saturday night furniture shopping.

Jenn was working tonight and of course, sly as I am (HAHAHA), I tried to spend as much time around her as I could. On the basic level, I felt like a stalker but I didn't have much else better to do anyways. We were talking and she was playing around with my name tag, but Paul told me to "not to touch her." I was wondering whether I gave out the idea that I was some sort of player or a literal touchy feely type of person but that was weird. All in all, it was a day where my confidence went down more and more as I felt as if she's out of my league. While others don't think as highly of her (she's apparently the smartest pea in the pod), I don't really mind. I'm not known for making the best decisions anyways.

With Mike out clubbing last night and MrFurious playing Counterstrike, I was left alone. Tonight, nothing really happened until I offered to pick up my friend from UBC. We went to dinner and chatted it up for a bit. Now I'm home. Fun fun fun.

I miss certain people that used to call me. I don't know why they haven't lately but that's okay. They're busy. Most people are. Still doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth that they aren't talking to me much though....

Tomorrow will be another dull day. I was to have a day off but due to lack of hours next week which in turn becomes a lack of funds, I had to bypass sleep to make money. Maybe I actually will have a weekend where I don't drink some form of vodka, play pool, or play counterstrike. Maybe. Only time will tell.