My body is simply worse for wear. Work was absolutely fatiguing, filled with many types of physical exertions. But at least it was busy. It is disturbing to me how some people didn't really pay much attention to the Remembrance Day moment of silence. People just kept on walking, talking and just going about. I was simply thinking about how appalled I felt. What is one minute to the rest of your life? Criticisms aside, I simply believed that it was a matter of respect for the fallen. Disturbing nonetheless, I said nothing and kept about my daily routine.

I cut my hair the other day. Looks like a cross between a chia pet and a flat top. It's still that brownish red tint that most people are complementary about but its so much easier to deal with. On the other hand, since I simply gel it and streak it back, people think that I'm dressing up for Jennifer at the returns counter. Me and my big mouth. That's the last time I'll tell someone at work that I think someone there is cute. I'm starting to think "Damn, my mind is an utter sewer."

I go out after work, to just have some time to myself. With the cell phone forwarded to my voice mail and my cell phone at home, I proceeded to Minoru Park and sat on the bleachers for an hour, just staring at the rain. It came and went, and I simply sat there, thinking. I remember simply laughing for no apparent reason, with a hint of a smile coming through. Am I going insane or is this how I deal with a hard day's work? I get up, only for the rain to stop. I love that smell. I don't know whether its simply the way there is no dust in the air or just my imagination. Either way. It doesn't matter.

I'm so bored lately that I've gone back to listening to English music. Mind you, its English music sung by Korean artists, but English nonetheless. Anyways, I'm under pressure to find a significant other. Jokingly, I ponder whether I ooze desparation or sadness. Maybe I do, or simply I'm naturally melancholy. The idea of a fling has been presented but its not what I want nor need. Something more substantial is what the doctor ordered. Funny in a way. I'm not particularly sure whether people understand. The simplest way to say it is "There is a difference between what I want and what is out there. I don't care if there is something better than what I want. I want what I want." I laugh, thinking about my Microeconomics class and indifference curves. They assume that people want more of something than less of it. I'm starting to think its not always true. Nah. I'm simply a sucker for punishment.

Off to meditation for me. Good night dear world. May I awaken with your presence in my life in the morning.