Nice day it is today. School at UBC is starting to feel unbearable yet an undeniable part of life. I guess I just don't feel the determination to keep going in the path that I am taking. Maybe Integrated Engineering isn't for me.
Saw my friend today. Beautiful as she may seem, but off limits to everyone but her boyfriend. Interesting enough, teases me by the way she holds my arm, or maybe walks side by side. Hmmm. Feels like its going to rain by the way it smells. You know? That little misty smell that you get?
Then off to work. Sometimes I don't want to go to work when I'm not scheduled to but when a co-worker is sick, you don't really want to refuse because of all the guilt.
After work, me and my bud MrFurious go and chill. Sorta disgusting when the best part of your day is going out to an arcade and playing some weenie games that I never thought I would play.
Now I'm here. Trying not to get censored. Isn't it great. All that is left is to think of how to make tomorrow a better day than today.