It's been a while since my last daynode, and I'm none the better. School has begun, and I'm not really making that many new friends. But it's only been 3 weeks, so I always have hope. I'm not quite sure what's happening in my life right now, and I'm a battered shell of a spirit that I was before.

I'm the project manager for my BUSM group or Business Management class and I'm finding that while I have the simple planning skills and diplomatic tactics to probably make it work, I'm finding it hard to "axe" two of the unproductive members of the group. I suppose I should but I would like to make this easier, getting over the guilt. More frustrating is not meeting that attractive young lady in my class. I see that I catch her eye almost as much as she catches mine. But again, my chicken mentality has hit me hard, and at this rate, I'll have no choice but to simply stare. Depressing yet true.

I went out with Karen and Michelle today. Karen had us over for dinner today, and Michelle broke up with her boyfriend last night. They were having a "break", she says, and she sought comfort in both me and Karen. It's nice to know that I'm dependable, but they spoke to me like I was a woman and bad-mouthed men like I wasn't one. Depressing but that's okay. We wound up at Kerrisdale Starbucks and they started talking about how they spent like 1000 dollars on a Prada bag or a Chanel dress or something. I wasn't in the conversation so I wound up bussing home.

Now I'm tired as hell, but still trying to find the minimal time I have to node, and read up on Kiss, (the korean group, not the one with Mr. Simmons). I'm gonna upgrade my 233 Pentium MMX to an AMD Athlon XP1700+, 256 MHZ DDR ram, ECS K7S5A Motherboard with LAN, Sound Blaster Live Value 5.1, nVidia GeForce2 64MB MX400 with TV out and a Maxtor 60 GB 5400 RPM hard drive. Can't wait. How lame is that. That's the highlight of my month. Dang. I need more sleep.

If anyone has a better solution for my computer or would simply like to congratulate me, msg me. Haha.