I guess this is my dream for tonight. I woke up late today. Weird dreams. They never stop haunting me. I wonder what extremes I have to do to achieve peace.

How freaky. I guess it starts at the movie theatre. But its not just any movie theatre. Its the size of half a hockey arena, with a gigantic screen with each section divided by huge pillars. The screen was translucent. I guess it was one of those future things. Weird.

Well, it started out normally. Popcorn. Hershey's Hugs. Large size Diet Pepsi. And Silence of the Lambs Special Edition. How cheezy. The movie goes well, but it seems like a blur to me. I look down my seat and notice I've stepped on some gum. Lovely. I leave my seat, and stroll up the stairs and head for the counter. Then, I see my ex-girlfriend Vivian on the right. How awkward. She looks at me and I say hi. She stands up and comes with me. We chat for a while then she sits back down on her seat.

The movie is over then I head over to the exit when someone grabs my arm. Guess who? She asked me whether I can give her a ride home. I don't know why I couldn't but I couldn't but I knew that I could get her a ride with someone else or I'll pay for her taxi. How lovely.

Then I walk out. The sky is golden, with mountains everywhere. It seems like the theatre was on top of a mountain. Anyways. Then I see my friend Natalie outside while I go to a pay phone. We chat for a while, then I go back inside to tell Vivian that I've gotten her a cab.

I walk in, she sees me, then runs down the stairs crying. I try to talk to her but she runs away from me. She screams, yells, and makes a big fuss. I run behind a pillar trying to know what I did. How wonderful. Then the screen fades to black again. I awaken. Whew. How weird.

While the light fades to black, I find myself closer to peace. I need not hide from the darkness as it will engulf us all.