Two dreams in a row. How amazing. Maybe I should apply for MENSA. I feel myself getting smarter already. Whoops. Back to square one. I just stabbed my brain with a cue tip.

Again, like many dreams, I don't remember the exact beginning. What I do remember, makes me want to kick my own butt. Sitting at home, alone, wearing a fluffy robe, reading a gothic horror novel. I pull the lever on the side of the recliner and it slides back, just at the same level as the side table beside it.

Dark blue, yet oak wood, the table held a coaster, which in turn held a cup. I reach over and try to lift it, but I can't. I look inside, and all I see if a black liquid. Hmm. Maybe its liquid lead. I take a sip, dipping my tongue in. Hmm. Tastes like diet pepsi (I remember because I could always do them pepsi taste tests).

There has to be a reasonable explanation for this. I take both hands and I try to lift. I even bend my knees and straighten my back (years of working for McDonald's helps you to learn these stupid things). It didn't work. Now I'm mad.

I run to the closet and get my mallet. Not just any mallet, but my mace. I smash the cup. It splashes everywhere, all over my body. Maniacal, I laugh at my triumph over the stupid cup. Not realizing that my body was melting where black liquid hit me. I was still laughing when the phone rang and woke me up. Whew. Boy am I relieved. I might start thinking that there is something wrong with me. Except that I didn't find it scary at all.