For the first time in a while, I finally got some sleep. I got a decent 8 hours of sleep but I guess somebody likes to play games on me. I had three nightmares, all three disturbing beyond belief. I guess thats what I get for thinking about the past so much, even noding about it.

Firstly was a dream about flying. Actually, it was more about gliding through the air. I was over a cliff or something, and I think I was trying to commit suicide. After contemplating for a while, I just closed my eyes and jumped. I didn't open my eyes until I realize that I'm flying. Then at the time, I loved it, as I felt the wind in my face and the air underneath my body. Then large vultures started flying towards me. I was scared as hell and I flew from them. Then I started realizing that I was losing altitude and finally, I fell in the ocean. I can't swim properly so I struggled against the water. Finally, a hand grabbed my leg and dragged me deeper into the depths of the ocean. While I was falling, all I could hear was laughing and laughing and I could feel my lungs contracting. Then I woke up. For the first time.

Secondly, my dream started with me inside a coffin beneath the ground. Slowly, I pushed through the cover and the soil with the greatest of ease. I reach up, and pull myself out of the soil. Then slowly, I drag myself through the cemetary to a castle. I pass by some broken glass and see that I'm a skeleton. A moment of rage passed through me, then by sheer will, blew up a wing of the castle. With the rain in my skeletal face, I realize that I'm a lich! I'm a bloody lich! Then, I hear thumping in the door. Its an inquisition. Apparently, they just disposed of the previous "owner" and I was seen going up. To make a long story short, I defended myself until I was exhausted and I felt stabbed in the ribs. I felt a gooey liquid and slowly felt the consciousness I have gained from being undead slowly draining from me. Then I woke up, sweating, with my hands on my ribs. Lovely.

Finally, it was my wedding and I was standing there. In the middle of the ceremony, my soon to be wife starts crying underneath her veil which I cannot see through, then she starts dissipating into dust. I stand there, in front of the priest, and all he could do is wag his finger at me. I turn back to the guests, and they are crying while some take pictures. Slowly, my clothing melts into the ground, and slowly, it feels like my skin is melting. I'm feeling like a lich again. Then I wake up, scratching my body, with scratch marks everywhere. More loveliness. I feel so smart. Correction. I feel SMORT.