It seems as if each passing day at work, I'm starting to hate it more and more. It's not that its redundant or anything, but its more about the atmosphere. Anyways, today was a routine day, with some slight annoyances and some tremendous disappointments. What else can happen? Nothing. At least that's what I thought until the morning came.

Work was a bore. Ikea was full of annoying customers with tons of screaming brats. I'm not really trying to protest against the bringing of children shopping with their parents but they shouldn't allow their children to wander around alone like free range cattle. The 5 hours of work seemed like forever, and people kept on pinching my bicep. While it was complimentary, it wasn't pleasant when strangers do it. Anyways, I let work pass by quickly, and afterwards, I bought a floor lamp, batteries and some bulbs.

The floor lamp was for one of my lady friends. She's one of those people who are always so sweet, even when you don't ask them to be. They do it simply to make your day a little brighter. We've known each other for years now, and everytime I talk to her, everything seems so much clearer. Anyways, she bought me a sunflower before, which long has died, and I wanted to repay her since she has mentioned that she needed a reading light. Since I work at Ikea and I love the products there, where else would be a good place to buy right? Anyways, after grabbing the lamp and some hot dogs, I head over to her house. I give her the lamp, chat for about 5 minutes, talk to her siblings (who have grown up right before my eyes), and after a quick hug, off to home.

The batteries were for me. I'm a constant music fanatic, and off work, I have the headphones in my ear. They seem like they're either stuck on my earwax or by some unknown force. Sometimes I fall asleep with them in my ears. Anyways, since I get 10 batteries for $2.50, it seems like a great deal. The reflector bulbs were for MrFurious. I've been promising them to him for the last week and it's time for me to follow through. I head home.

I get home. I help my sister cook some meatballs. I mix the ground pork and add the spices. As I was rolling them, I had a sudden urge to play basketball. I think of the weirdest things.

MrFurious and a couple of buddies wanted to chill for a bit but I already ate dinner. They wanted to go to Daimaru to eat all you can eat but I rather watch a movie instead. But rather than disappoint, which really wasn't a big deal, I went, not at full capacity. I ate them under the table, outeating them both, except if you don't count the massive numbers of california rolls eaten that night. We were the worst nightmare of all seaweed, rice and artificial crab everywhere.

Of course, afterwards, off to the arcade. There, after a game of DDR and Strikers, Dawadeving finally met up with us. Sort of feel bad because he came and MrFurious and our pal had to go home so I hung out with him. After bringing our pal home, me and Dawadeving chilled at my house for a bit. Played some playstation and went online to chat. There, I started talking to my ex-girlfriend, at least in terms of small talk. Anyways, Dawadeving finally left, and again I was alone.

I sat in the dark, with ICQ blaring once in a while stating that I have a bloody message and sat outside for about 15 minutes. It was a particularly rainy day so the wind chill factor just made the night so much more chilly. I didn't stay outside for long until I came back. I don't think I'll be sleeping anytime soon but I'll try. It's hard to sleep when you have things on your mind that's all. It's even harder to sleep when you're afraid of what you're going to dream about. It's simply impossible if you have to deal with both.