I actually wrote this on April 22, 2001 but I thought that I didn't want to cheat by writing one big daynode. But the events of the day before determined the mood for the rest of the night and the day after.

I didn't get much sleep again. I was tired and restless but still, I couldn't find myself asleep. Finally, at about 5:30am, I heard my sister getting up. My mom is driving her to Toronto for a quick little vacation. I still remember thinking that while she's out having fun, I'm still going to go to work. It was hard lying there quietly, as it was a warm night and the bed covers were making my skin itch. But I managed it without a hitch. By the time 6:30 am came, I was finally asleep, no thanks to the garbage collectors that came at 6:00 am.

8 am. I'm woken up so I can drive my mom to the airport. She's going to Toronto too. She got a free ticket but not on the same flight. Envy hits me again, as I heard the glorious stories about the beautiful women in Toronto. But I say nothing. On the way there, we were discussing the recent divorce of my friend's parents which in turn were the friends of my mom. It was sort of weird, talking to my mother like an adult, rather than a child struggling for attention. After a hug and a quick drop off, I find myself heading home.

On the way home, MrFurious calls my cell. Interesting. He wanted to visit our old high school to see the hot computer science teacher who recently got married. Hey, what the heck. It would be nice to gawk I guess. After a quick stop at McDonalds for some cheap breakfast, I change at home. MrFurious picked me up and we headed over to Richmond High. We got our other friend and soon enough, got there.

We entered, and truthfully, I wanted to see our old calculus teacher. I never had the computer science teacher as an instructor so I didn't really care. She just knew me as the acquantances of my friends and nothing more. She didn't even know my name. But I didn't mind. As we walked through, everything seemed smaller, or at least in my renewed scope. I saw the little siblings of my friends and even saw the graduating class pictures. The hallowed halls held many memories for me, ones where I discovered myself, and met friends that hopefully can be there for the rest of my life. As we walked around, memories flashed through. Places where I remembered taking pictures during the end of the year thinking that I'll lose touch with friends. Places where I hung around with my ex-girlfriends. Places where I used to pass by. I guess you don't know what you have until its gone. Then the idea that the school would be torn down simply burdened my heart. It was the only time I would go back to, when life was so much simpler and so much more fun. Innocence left behind, traded in place for adulthood. Finally, we had to leave, and trying to hide my disappointment, I followed them to the car. I wanted to see the teacher as while he wasn't the greatest teacher, everything he taught seemed to latch on like a leech. I had respect for the man, even though we didn't see eye to eye all the time. Maybe its just me. Maybe I'm just weird. Or maybe its just nostalgia.

Finally, I'm home. I get a phone call. Ring. Its my friend. She comes over and we chill for a bit. As always, it was completely my pleasure, even though it was a simple rendezvous. I always enjoyed her company, even though the situation ended up with me worrying like crazy. I always do. What else can I do? I'm too old to change, and too stupid to be willing to explore what is best for me.

Me and MrFurious end up at Richmond Public Market eating some cheap teriyaki chicken. Then a slurpee. Nothing extremely special but a worthwhile use of time at least.

Again I'm home, until about 7pm. My old friend calls and says that we should go for a drink. I told her to call me since I'm one of those guys who says I'll call but never does. Don't take me wrong its not that I don't want to call them back, its just that I either become really preoccupied or forget due to my really short term memory. I couldn't get a ride so I cabbed down to her house and we walked to a nearby pub.

Inside, we were talking and slowly we were just drinking our choice of drinks. Mine was Mike's Hard Lemonade while she started with a Paralyzer. I've known this lady since grade 7 and became great friends until grade 11 when I did something terrible to her best friend, which was my girlfriend at the time. It wasn't the most particularly pleasant confrontation of friends I had and literally everyone left but one. But even now, I knew I was wrong so I admit it. Anyways, we started off with small talk like "how is school", "how is your significant other" and "how is the family".

I finally got my second Mike's Hard Lemonade. We started talking about old friends, the ones that left me. I'm still bitter but again, I wanted to know how much things have changed. She orders a drink that I don't remember the name of. All I know its that it is some sort of peach alcoholic slurpee. Anyways, then we started talking bout her best friend. Its sort of ironic. I still think about her all the time. The probably only girl I would ever literally do anything for and I can't say a word to her because I was stupid when I was younger.

I shudder as we talk then I get my third drink. She starts asking about my dilemmas, then afterwards, I get my fourth while she orders a martini. Yummy stuff by the way. We talk some more, and finally, we leave. As I tried to be a gentleman, I paid for everything and walked her home, while I was struggling to keep my equilibrium. Never drink without eating anything.

Finally, I head back to a nearby mall so I can get a ride home. MrFurious said he would give me a ride home but he didn't cuz I didn't wanna bother him so I decided to cab home. Haha. I was so drunk that I used the bushes as the washroom and didn't notice someone watching me. I head home, carefully getting out of the cab, making sure that I had everything that I came with.

I come home to a dark home. My other sister isn't home yet. She's out bowling or something. I come online, and boil some water for some instant noodles. I struggled to chug down some water and eat something as I had work in less than 7 hours. Finally, I gave up on the phone and gave up on the computer. I go to sleep.

2 am. I get a phone call. Its my living dream. Ring. "Yes...". Replies "Hi..". "I can't talk right now. Slightly drowsy from alcohoool...". Replies "Oh..You don't have to lie..I know you're still mad..". "Yes yes...I'm mad...Let me sleep..We'll talk when I'm awake..Sweet dreams...Luv..". Replies "Good night...Sleep tight..Luver..". Whoops. Didn't mean to say that. Ah what the hell. At least I only get drunk once in a while. If not, I would have gone insane already. Can't you tell that I'm so bloody mentally stable. Sleep. I drowsed off. Maybe I should drink more often. Finally, I close my eyes, only to fall asleep. I hope that I wake up for work in the morning.