I sifted through your dice wondering how many more times your wit would leave me with nothing more to offer then a dumb nod for harmony's sake.
And I loved you.

I ask so much of you. You try to express your thoughts to me, but I offer no such weakness in return.
So if "intense" is already the preferred pronunciation of my name, then I may as well confide this...

Your voice sanctifies.

The slow kiss you placed on my cheek... It alone made such feelings pass through me that I longed more than anything to be rid of the knowledge that my lips weren't worthy to be touching yours; so sweet and articulate in the silence.

Your touch puts me so at ease and heals me in such a way that I feel I am violating you if I don't pull away; for you give more to me than you know, or surely could mean to.

You see, I've lied to you again. I do know very well how I feel.
There is something behind those deep, soulful eyes of yours, and I needn't live a day, or live a day past forever, if I can't stay close to it.