compiled overview of the 55ton Griffin 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

The GRF-1N Griffin was first put into production in 2492. Though the Griffin was initially designed as an assault 'Mech, its capacity was soon surpassed by more advanced weapons technology. For this reason, the Griffin was given a new specialty, that of long-range support in medium lances, a role for which it is well suited. This 'Mech may currently be found in almost every unit of the Successor States.

The Griffin's armament is limited yet powerful. Its hand-held Fusigon PPC can inflict heavy damage. This, combined with the drum-mounted Delta Dart LRM ten-rack, allows the Griffin to hit hard at long to medium range. Unfortunately, the Griffin is not equipped for close combat and must rely on other 'Mechs of its unit to provide most of the effective short-range fire. It is, however, equipped with two massive battle fists in case hand-to-hand combat is necessary.

One of the Griffin's special advantages is its high maneuverability relative to its tonnage. With a maximum speed of more than 80 kph and the use of its Rawlings 55 jump jets, the Griffin can outdistance any heavier 'Mechs that might do it harm. It is the CoreTek 275 fusion engine that allows the 'Mech to achieve such speeds. More massive and efficient than many heavier 'Mech engines, the CoreTek 275 is the real reason for the Griffiin's long and successful career.

By medium 'Mech standards, the Grfffin's defensive armor is substantial, but it must often confront heavier 'Mechs in it's support role. Because of this, two false armor baffles have been added to the shoulder assemblies of each arm on most Griffins. These baffles give additional protection to the LRM drum and the head/cockpit area. Two other small armor baffles are located on the legs, protecting the knee joint actuator assembly.

As with many other early 'Mechs, the Griffin has a serious problem with overheating. Because the 'Mech is fitted with too few heat sinks for its large-caliber armament, a Griffin pilot is usually faced with the choice of either firing or fleeing. In most cases, he cannot do both without risking dangerous levels of heat build-up.

During the Ninth Battle of Holt in 2967, medium lances of House Liao's Marion's Highlanders engaged elements of House Marik's Second [Regulan Hussars. Outnumbered and outgunned, Marion's Highlanders never-the-less attacked the Hussars' fortified positions, taking heavy losses. The defenders singled out the attackers' Griffins for quick destruction, as their long-range fire support had permitted some initial success to the medium 'Mechs of the assault force. When the attack was over, both sides had taken heavy losses, but the Marik defense line remained intact. The Liao forces withdrew from the planet soon after.

In 3012, an interesting Griffin-to-Griffin battle took place in the ruins of Shimgata, capital city of Shiro III, between elements of Wolf's Dragoons and House Marik's defense forces. Two medium lances of Wolf's Dragoons, composed mostly of Griffins, encountered a similar force of enemy units. As both sides called in reinforcements, the Griffins went at each other in close combat amid the confining, debris-strewn streets. Body punches and jumpkicks took the place of weapons fire when no one could identify enemy targets in the melee. Finally, both sides disengaged, more through mutual exhaustion than defeat. Three Griffins had been lost on both sides, but these six damaged 'Mechs were taken by Wolfs Dragoons when the regiment finally occupied Shimgata in force.

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