the prison was just a sparse placement of bars
a ceiling
a cold cement floor with a sloped drain
poorly sloped
i tried to pretend my bare feet were in water

there were no exterior walls
i had a 360° view
outside was cool, lush, blueish-green grass for a good distance, then a dense forest
the sky was grey and gloomy, threatening rain (usually my favorite)

the ghoul was a long time inmate
translucent pale
bacon fat
mangled and deformed
it lurched and limped, but at a frightningly fast pace
it was old
vaguely female in shape and tone
it cackled
it's body was lanky and loose
it could squeeze between the bars of the prison with ease
someone said she had rubber bones
it could move from cell to cell at will
to torment me
it molests other prisoners too
i try to ignore the screams as someone reports waking with it in his bed
it mocked him like a retarded psychopath
now it's coming this way
my turn
it's moving so quickly
i'm suffocating
i wish it, or anything else, would kill me
it's pushing its way through the last bars before me
something in its voice... its face...
the thing is happy

i woke up
for a moment my blankets felt like arms wrapped tightly around me, keeping me down
still afraid to open my eyes
i caught my breath

then i realized
that fucking thing could have left the prison any time if it wanted too
i had to swallow down my vomit