God help us- help us lose our minds.

After attending czeano's gathering out in the mountains of North Carolina my mind wasn't exactly lost, but it was certainly altered.

I showed up as one of the few non-noders. Well, actually I'd noded once before under a different name but it didn't take. After a weekend spent hanging with a few friends but many people I'd never met before, I was throroughly converted.

Frisbee, Rocky, lots of beer, and singing were not new to me. But it seemed like a third of the time people were speaking a different language, one that I will now attempt to learn through immersion. I had a hell of a time courtesy of lots of cool people, and look forward to really being a part of things the next time around.

p.s. Does this sound like ass kissing to anyone else?

more p.s. It is true. Becca makes a mean cookie.