I had a great weekend in Bristol, and met lots of nice noders. I'm not going to even attempt to node everything that happened.

We didn’t really do very much physical stuff except talk, surf over to Everything2 on Ascorbic’s collection of Mac laptops on the very nifty WiFi LAN (and Sharq’s Mac laptop with the Norwegian keyboard layout). And try to negotiate Ascorbic’s very overcrowded house. And drink. It was much like tourism, only better.

I arrived on friday night to find a large friendly posse of noders in Arnolfini's. The conversation went something like this:

Wertperch: dwarves mumble cran ... ...
me: dwarves covered in cranberries?!?!
Someone else: dwarfscoveredincranberries.com
Me:not many people will pay for that, but the few that will, pay well.
Tiefling collapses in helpless giggles.
Wertperch: You're a very twisted man.
Me: You started it
Wertperch: No, you started it, you invaded Poland.

And so on sunday Wertperch dyed his chest hair purple.

On Saturday night SharQ demonstrated his pyrotechnic skills. Hope your face gets better soon, SharQ. He left remarking so long and thanks for all the cucumber.

Many pics were taken, and generally uploaded within minutes via USB and WiFi.

jasstrong showed up and delivered straight-lines like ‘so we ported Linux to this chip’, (the one in the apple airport base station, I forget it’s designation), ‘because we wanted to run Linux on solar powered parking meters’. At which point I started the ‘we’re not worthy’ routine (I was feeling a bit over excitable that evening).

Wertperch stared at me like I was not only ‘the biggest pervert on e2’ but a dangerous loony as well.

Later she related that they had also ported Linux to level crossings.

That night there were 23 or 24 noders at the meet, which is possibly a UK record.