I tried hedonism, but it didn’t make me happy. It’s astonishing how long it took me to realise that.

I added a write-up to "A one sentence description of Everything", and it came to the notice of Yosarian, who nuked the whole node. It's a fair cop.

What I said is what I usually use to describe E2 to my friends:
"everything2 started out as an online dictionary, but got way out of hand."
Sometimes, when the catbox becomes a bit wild, I also describe it as
"the glass bead game for the morally challenged".
I like it like that, but it might just be setting off alarms at work's firewalls. I shouldn't be on, but I feel no pain.

The oddest things make me happy. I was laughing for minutes on the way to work on Friday, thinking that it probably wouldn’t get any better than this, and I should therefor throw myself off a building or something before they got worse.

I haven’t daylogged much lately. Some of you are now cheering. But I know people who do read this, and get something out of it. Some of them don’t even have E2 accounts. The reason why is that nothing much of interest has happened. Life is OK. I have joined a gym. I play Warcraft III. I have set it to 'hard' as my brother found it too easy on 'easy' and well, it’s hard. Significantly harder than the previous ones. Either that or I suck at it. I’m doing about 1 level per week.

Work is. Just is. Some of the people are great, some are annoying, some are pathetic. It gets colder and darker outside. I listen to Pixies a lot. I get older slowly. Time passes.

I saw old friends from Cape Town, all Londoners now, this Saturday, getting older but not changing much. Familiar, comfortable and uninspiring.

I don’t need more human contact. Yes I do. No I don’t. I get enough human contact on the tube twice daily. Packed like sardines in a crushed tin can. We’re too much contact and no more feeling. I wouldn’t have time for it. I’m bored and need to get out more. I like it in here. Has it really been a year since I was engaged in that drama of convincing myself and another that it was a good idea to get together? It seems far less. The absence bugs me a little, but not much. There have been to many important things happening in my life to worry about that.