This term was common in the early and mid 1990s, to signify the changes that had occured in South Africa - the end of apartheid was not just an election, it was a paradigm shift, a peaceful revolution.

Everything made me chuckle:

Sorry, but nothing matching "New South Africa" was found.

After all the changes of the Early 1990s, when everyone could vote, when there was no more censorship, no more teargas and burning schools. The government changed in 1994, from the National Party and their apartheid to the African National Congress under Nelson Mandela. When we received freedom, it was almost like a new country. Yesterday was over.

Change contains infinite potential. All of us were finally on the same bus. Sometimes literally. It was heady. It was going to be much better in every possible way.

But the phrase is not so simple now. Sure, a lot of things are better, and we cannot go back (we should have gone forward even sooner in fact) but I didn't feel the need for Armed response security and panic buttons then. I never saw electrified fences aound houses in my neighbourhood then. Why are so many people still poor and desperate? Whatever happened to the same bus, to the New South Africa?

Welcome to the New South Africa, step out of the car and give me the keys. No false moves or I shoot.

Of course, I could let you create a new "New South Africa"