The day was boring, no jobs posted. Frankie mentioned at Albert Herring was in town and wanted me to meet up. She was too busy to organise it, and I had a prior engagement to see the IMAX Space Station movie with friends so I said no to Albert Herring.

Later my friends replied that the had misread the film schedule, and the movie was only showing on Saturday. We did see it then, and it was great space propaganda.

I left the contractor’s centre in Hammersmith in the afternoon, heading for Stratford with time to shop. While trying to work my way around a tube train outage on the Jubilee line caused by a fire at Canning town, and thanking my lucky stars that West Ham, where I am based, is served by two lines, I got an SMS from Frankie. We agreed to meet later, but she wanted me there in an hour’s time. No way. It took me more than an hour to shop, go, home, eat, wash and change, hampered by the absence of the most convenient tube train line.

Then I set out for Waterloo, there to meet Frankie and Albert Herring around 7pm.

Lurking under the specified pot plant, I espied some beings that looked familiar from photos, and rapidly put names to faces: Oolong, Albert Herring and Frankie. Then learned a new set of names for them.

We headed for South Bank, drank and talked while Albert Herring’s little friend racked up the distance on Frankie’s distance-measuring wheel thing.

Then walked across the river, and back home by a devious route to avoid the still-inoperable jubilee line.

These are the first noders that I have met face-to-face, and they are surprisingly human.

And I now have achieved level six. Finally.