The rollercoaster arches upward once more. In the morning, an interview with the company that wanted to employ me last month, but held off.

I thought that I had this one in the bag, but here I was again, answering questions, competing against three other people, all of them natives to this town. On the face of it, that's a 25% chance.

In the afternoon I hear that I gave the best answers, and they definitely do want to employ me and one other of the candidates, to start in a week's time. Nice people, good money.

I just feel dizzy and tired.

Now I know where July's rent will come from. Now I can get a credit card, and buy a PC on debt (special intrductory low interest rate for the first six months).

Did I say now? No, not now, next week, or soon after that. All the other lights at the end of the tunnel have turned out to be illusions, but this one is strong.