Saturday was hot. i walked down to the supermarket in Camden in khaki shorts and sandals. I got a bit of kick out of this, as this is Camden, gothland. As I walked in to the supermarket had a Harry potter book thrust at me. Oh, it's that day. It looked thick enough to stun an ox. I don't dislike Harry Potter, but really, it's not that good. I fended them off, and was offered a second one with my shopping basket. On the way back, the bookshop that I passed had a big window display of them. No wonder those books sell so many copies – you have to beat them off with a stick to avoid buying it.

It is midsummer. So soon, the unfolding peaks. It won't get any better than this. And then it ebbs. It's downhill from here.

In the evening, a housewarming in Golders green. I dressed in black, knowing that I would fit in like that. A- was waving around the new Marilyn Manson CD "The Golden age of the grotesque", praising it by saying that it was very gothic. I asked if it was any good. I made the mistake of asking if it had any good tunes. Part of what I like about Antichrist Superstar is the strong melodies. I'm no fan of pop jingles, though I was taken for one right then. What I meant was that I've grown well bored with "people yelling about how much they hate their parents" to a backing of inept unoriginal musicianship. If I want noise I'll listen to Merzbow. My mix CDs seemed to be well received though, even though they don't fit that paradigm.

Later we got a Cab to slimelight, which is a club. It was OK for a while, having eardrums pounded by a sound system better suited to shaking gravel, in a dingy room, with air so thick that you could sell it as soup if it wasn't for food safety standards.

So I got bored and around 4am walked home. Slimelight is at the Angel, Islington. I used the map to orient myself on the way to King's Cross. From there I knew the way to Euston, and on to Mornington Crescent. By this time the sky was growing light. I stayed up a bit more, to eat and drink some water (and an asprin). I catboxed a bit (yay new broadband! telewest is tha man!)

Sunday is also warm, but overcast and muggy. It has rained while I slept.

I am starting to prepare for Glastonbury next weekend. I need a big rucksack to hold the tent, sleeping bag, clothes, juggling balls, etc. Any ideas on where in London to get a decent quality 60 liter or more rucksac at a decent price?