I am in pain.

I had both nipples pierced an hour ago. The piercer warned that it would be intense. It certainly was that. Also, for a brief moment it was very very painful. Now it just aches.

But I am elated. I Have been thinking, and talking about this for years, and now I have finally done it. In my mind, both piercings have names. Two names, both of women, women who have wounded my soul in the last year. I am a negative bastard.

There was surprisingly little blood. After the first one, when I could breath normally again and the shock was almost over, he asked if I wanted to go through with the second one. I agreed, as I wanted to stick to my plan and didn’t want to go through the wait and preparation a second time. I’m glad I ate breakfast otherwise I might have passed out from shock. Yes, I am a pain-adverse wimp.

A shirt against them is too tender, So I have taken my top off – this is Ok, as I am male, at home and it is summer. I will surprise my friends with them next weekend, if I can keep it quiet that long, and if they don’t look all nasty and infected then.

I may have another sinutab (a cold medication comprised of paracetamol and codeine) later. These pink and white pills are left over from my last ilness, and I have been saving them for this. Knowing that the tattoo parlour doesn't do anaesthetics, I swallowed one about an hour before the piercing. It didn't do much.

In the afternoon I got called in to fix a bug at work, so I lingered here and surfed the web, whist watching the logs to make sure that the problem does not recur.