Not so much milestones as shifts in the pattern, turns in the road. I spoke to my boss today, and we confirmed that I will leave when my contract runs out in february. He thinks that I have been goofing off and surfing the web (that means you, Everything2) instead of getting stuff done lately.

There is some truth in this - my motivation has been suffering due to the growing realisation that even if I was not moving, this is not the place where I want to work in the long term. The facinating learning curve and the thill of going live are over, and I am left with maintainance and observing that I will never really be able to tame the chaos, unprofesionalism and reactive nature of this office.

On the other hand, I don't think that he appreciates the tweaks and tests that have taken up so much time.

I weighed myself today. I am 65kg. I haven't weighed that little in at least five years. this is, in fact my goal weight. I cannot lose any more weight, it's not healthy, so this is as far as that goes.