A very slow day at work. Most of the chaos of the last few days at work has been cleared way, the customers with problems have been cleared up. I'm a geek by nature and not comfortable with a role that obliges me to field calls from irate customers when no one else can help them. I did a refund, what else could I do, the silly Old Age Pensioner pressed refresh on the "buy" page when it didn't respond after 10 minutes while the mail connection failed (still don't know why). That's his story anyway. I have to justify the refund of R150 to the boss when he gets back on monday. Or something. Why am I in that role anyway? Give me some code to write! My job is boring right now. I don't like the structurelessness of this place.

In the afternoon I found some more code to write, so I was more absorbed and content, and less angsty.

Surfing the internet, I see several orders of magnitude more work available for my skills in London than in Dublin. My plans will have to adapt accordingly, but I'd still like to visit and test the waters in the republic of Ireland. I need to know that town better. London just is, I don't care about it. A beached behemoth, to large to describe, filled with people from all over the world, including plenty from Cape Town. Thus it is characterless.

My house is empty, and I can feel this place slipping away from me. I am emotionally already in transit. I look at my stuff, and each object prompts the question: take, store, throw or leave it?

I will be alone and lonely up north. So what? Right now I am alone and lonely in my home town. Happyness is a transient chemical imbalance. I wouldn't say that I'm particualrly unhappy right now, just averagely so.

Last night i watched the DVD of Leon:The profesional and drank wine: Backsberg Rhine Riesling 2000. Jean Reno is wonderfull actor, and the international version of this movie is certainly ... deeper, more moving and more thought-provoking than the american cut. The extra footage is mostly dialog and emotion between Leon and Mathilda, which clearly didn't go down very well with the morally repressives. I think it's a good study in unhealthy obession on Mathilda's part mixed with emotional redemption and resisting temptation on Leon's part. And a lecherous french director, Luc Besson. This makes the movie much more than a standard thriller.

I suprised myself by finishing the bottle and the movie, and still feeling quite good this morning.

I have a ticket for the transgression outdoor party on Saturday. Skazi are playing. It should be fun, even though I have no intension of binging like at new year. If I do imbibe, it will be quite limited. I expect not not last all night and all day, and leave when i've had enough. If the weather holds, the Silverstroom venue will be great.

I have embarked on a project to node some major African music styles and bands. The genesis of this was years ago, when I discovered that Winamp's genere list contained goth, industrial and goth-industrial but not even afro-pop, let alone high-life, marabi, kwela, kwaito, mbaquanga to name but a few styles.

I have done kwaito and mbaquanga, and will soon attempt kwela and the band Juluka. If nothing else, it gives me a pool of high-quality song lyrics that no one else has mined. I will make level six in the next few months, dammit! That homenode pic will be mine. This is actually promting me to get into this music more. I'd like to get some Matlatini and the Mahotela queens on CD

Ahd Frankie has agreed to marry me too, I will be husband number eight!