I learned a couple of things at the meet:

The name Donfreenut was not conceived as a rearrangement of "donut free" or "free donut"
Don is in fact tired of the whole Butterfinger McFlurry thing and its unending airtime. But anyhow someone reads this masterpiece for the first time every week. It's fresh to them.
there is a McDonalds near to the pub. I stepped out, and for the first time in a decade, entered this den of iniquity, and returned to the pub with suspicious parcel. All in order to be able to utter the words "I've got your McFlurry right here". No butterfinger on offer, so we had smartie and crunchie McFlurries . They live up to their reputation as McDonalds "food-like" products. They are almost but not quite edible.
As we left we saw a hand lettered sign reading "E2" Who were you? Finding a nodermeet in a crowded pub can be daunting when you don't recognise anyone's face. Next time must exchange mobile numbers beforehand.

PS: there are two pictures of don from the meet on Wertperch's site: http://www.wertperch.co.uk/gallery/