The world is not just. On Sunday night I had 9 hours of sleep after a restfull day, and felt grotty and tired all monday. Last night I drank most of a bottle of delicious Backsberg Rhine Reisling, and then woke up at 4am, didn't sleep again until 5am, was bothered by Mosquitos, and I feel great today.

My nipple rings are healing much faster than my belly-ring did. It's been just over two weeks now, and they are still at an irritable stage, and do clog with gunk if I don't clean them. The left one seems to get more annoyances than the righthand one.

My life is chaos, work in progress and pieces flying all over the place. Long to-do lists of scribbled items. In order to change you must disassemble. And a plan, parts of it coming together. This is good.

This will be it: Leave Cape Town Evening of Thursday 7 March
Arrive London Heathrow Friday 8 March Am
Take bus to London Gatwick
Flight To Dublin Ireland
Check into Avalon house hostel Friday 8 March Pm.
One week of chilling, sightseeing and even employment agencies in Dublin. Stay there for a week, check out on 14th or 15th 'cos they don't have any vacancies left over St Paddy's day weekend.
Check into P-'s couch also in Dublin for the weekend.
Monday or Tuesday is where the plan starts to get sketchy. Baring the event of finding a job in Dublin, it's back to London and A-'s couch. Apparently London a very tough job market right now. This is worrying me, but there's not much that I can do about it right now.

Along the way I must finish Serious Sam, which is actually as unserious a game as 3d shoooters get, back up all my worldly belongings, find tenants for my house (one possible, students - that's what I get for living close to university), sell stuff, pack stuff, revise budgets, get forex, contact people, go to farewells, another Vortex, hear Roger Waters live, paint bits of the house, node more towards seventh level. etc etc. Three weeks to go on Thursday. Tension or anticipation? I'm OK with it so it's not stress.