Certain people can just be there, and thier unexpected brief hours of friendship, calm me and make me realise that the human race is not a complete waste of time. Another friend mentioned that you should, in his experience, never give up on the posibility that you will love and be loved again. I can believe that, even in these trackless emotional deserts. Just don't lard it with destiny or "meant to be" or any crap like that. The phyical world is governed by dead deterministic and random probabalistic laws. There is no certainty that you will find a human meaning it, or if you do perchance, that it's the only one, the "right" one.

I can be a very negative and antagonistic person. So I am making a bit of an effort to let the nice stuff out. To apologise when need be. To say so if something bugs me. Even to compliment.

Work is ok, despite the upsteam problems. Our ecommerce web site can only work if two upstream providers are on line, and both of them have been in yo-yo mode for the last few days, and we have nad some publicity so the number of new registrations and purchases is up. Many of these are failing, and there's not much I can do about it except phone people off site and tell them that thier box is down again. We have reliable server hardware and a reliable OS on it. I know that both of them are running MS.

Out of boredom in the evenings (finished reading the silmarillion, yes, that bored) I have been playing Serious Sam. It is light, fun, plays like doom, only more so. I like mindless games with lots of big explosions to help me relax. If I want something intricate or complex on a computer I'll write code instead.

I wonder if I will finish the game before I have to pack up all my stuff. In five weeks time I am moving half-way around the world, and the size of that task is beginning to get to me.

Klaproth has eaten 6 of my older, shorter, sillier writeups, though not ones that will be much missed. Oh well, good to know that Quality assurance is at work. I don't do funny nodes much these days, the attrition rate is just too high.