It is a recurring dream, or at least a concept that has recured several times in my dreams.

I have parked the car at the base (or at least at the highest drivable point) of the mountain. We are about half an hour's drive north of Cape Town. It will be a long days walk to the top and back, but it is worth it, for reasons that are strongly felt but not explainable. from the top we will have a panoramic view over the whole of the Cape Peninsula.

I wake up, and I realise that there is no such mountain. I weep when I write this.

Two possible reasons for this dream.

My activites last night, the reasons why I was sleeping on Sunday afternoon: The Alien Safari party (ie trance rave) on Silverstroom strand. North of Cape Town, but at sea level. My chosen recreation, as opposed to my parents's hiking and mountaineering. did reach chemical heights that night, not that it was real.

My recuring desire and knowledge that for my own good, is should fly north and leave this place behind me. I rememer walking to the top of Crough Patrick, a large hill or small mountain in Ireland, and the wonderfull view from the top. I could leave Africa (or at least I tell myself that I can), but try as I might, it will never leave me.