The interior of the building was shaped like a square-based pyramid, and I suppose that the outside was too, give or take the usual oddments of roofing. The floor was bare earth, and it was a sealed chamber. The four alien seeds, new to earth, had been planted in the soil, and I was watching them, In a short time, maybe a day ot two, they had each grown into the size of a man. They were still growing.

Later, it had come near to fruition. The entities had merged into one biomass. It had become alomost fluid, and covered the lower parts of the chamber. It was flowing up the overhanging walls, trying to meet at the middle and fill the chamber. When this happened it would send it's signal to the stars, like a pillar of light form the apex.

The structure was intricate. The surface was covered with colour and forms. Each form was inside a diamond-shaped tile. Each form was similar to the ones around it, but across the surface gradual, directed change was evendent. It was beautifull.

I wondered if it was safe to stay. Would my being be merged into the new organism, expanded; or would it simply be broken down for raw materials, eaten?

I wanted to stay.