We were at a venue with lots of building and courtyards. Maybe my old school. There were more than a hundred people there, waiting for an event to start. A party, speach or rave maybe. It was afternoon. Security was a bit tense, as there was a strong fear of something or someone untoward having been smuggled in. A bomb or something I dunno. Everything had been searched several times for it.

We were sitting on the rich dark green grass in a quad. Someone comes past with a bunch of plastic roses. He shows with a frown how they are a bit creased where they had searched between the fabric petals. I feel a bit concerned that the intruder has not been located yet in spite of this inconvenience. I don't feel at all angry at the security. I feel that it is necessary.

Someone next to me points at the lush lawn and says "hey, there's a dope plant there". I don't see it. I point my finger down at the ground and he directs me to what he sees "left, out a bit, no back, just about there". I am led to it, it's clearly not grass but clearly not a dope plant either - same colour as the grass but a bit taller, thicker and with transparent plasticy sheath around the whole thing. On top is a budding flower(?) head with four spines that looks like it could grow to be a crown, microphone, sci-fi weapons system or radio antenae dish when it is mature. It must be growing very rapidly, and should be mature in a few hours. I'm interested and puzzled by this extraordinary plant.

As soon as I wake I can add it up: The vegetation is the intruder. The plant is a plant.