Heigh ho, shops are back open, albeit still crammed with tourists and shoppers. I'm on leave, go back to work on the third of January. Still time for a major binge over new year at the Vortex, seeing as I have been holding out on serious substance abuse.

At the hardware store this morning I got sandpaper, turpentine and polyfilla masonry patching plaster. Tha'’s all I need in addition to the supplies of bonding liquid, polyskim and merit plaster primer that I already have for my current summer vac home project.

I headed from the hardware store, down to the mall to cash in the bookshop gift voucher that my brother gave me. After browsing through the Sci-Fi (the new Peter F Hamilton is there but firstly he writes pulp that I may want to read, but not to own, and secondly my brother, who's tastes run to pulp, may have a copy already.) and travel (several city guides to Dublin – all look about the same, all aimed at the brief-visit tourist, prices mostly more than what my brother gave me) I asked at the counter if they had Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses (I didn’t see it on the shelves) Yes, they keep it in the back as the copies keep being stolen. Right. I'm not sure if I should take that at face value. Maybe it was getting defaced, or maybe the muslims were frothing at the mouth at seeing it here. Or maybe what she says is true.

Now I have a copy of The Satanic Verses and I am very much looking forward to reading it again.

It is hot and I am happy enough in just shorts and no shirt. Listening to Tricky's new album Blowback. After a bit of home improvement, around 3pm I put on a T-shirt and go to gym. I made an hour on the rowing machine with less pain than before. This gets better if you do it more, I know that. Sweating more than usual though, no surprise at this time of day and year.

I am rounding off the day by getting drunk for the third time in three days, this time on my own, on Backsberg Chardonnay '99, which tastes rather acidic now. Am playing Brian Eno’s incomparable Thursday afternoon on the hi-fi. It's a lonely life but I manage to occasionally become comfortably numb.

This has been another daylog in my continued push for Level 6. I would now node some song lyrics now, but I am too drunk.