Winter solstice 2002.

Christmas in Northern Europe is an act of defiance. Here in the north, Europe or New world, this celebration is brave – a festival of light when the sun is hiding, a spendthrift feast day with dishes made from horded preserves, dwindling supplies. A day of joy in the season when depression comes naturally. A celebration of rebirth when the tree branches clutch the dark sky like arthritic skinny fingers, and among the wild animals the weak, the frail are being found in the morning, belly up in a ditch, succumbed to the cold and lack of resources.

This may not be news to you. But as subtropical person from the Southern hemisphere, it strikes me strongly.

I don't care for the Christianity layered onto it, but I appreciate this tradition.

In the last three days I have been listening to: Squirrel Nut Zippers, Dillenger escape plan, Merzbow and shoutcast internet radio stations. DSL Broadband is great for broadening musical exposure. It takes me about 5 minutes using kazaa lite to answer the question "what does band X sound like". And E2 keeps me supplied with groovy new bands to look up.

The new flat is good. Not swank and flashy, but relaxed and homely. the worst I can say for the flatmate/landlord is that he is cheerful and talkative.

I haven't been nodding much. E2 right now is for me about the catbox. A place to hang out, where everyone knows your userid. This is bad, I guess. I should be concentrating on work. Or noding. Or something.

On leave until new year. I am seeing The Two towers tomorrow. Doesn’t look like I am doing much until new years, but I have a copy of Delphi 7 (thanks, WinMX), so I can hack some code and listen to internet radio. Unless of course, I get distracted by E2. I’m not alone, I am wired into the web of the world. Or something.