There is a particularly nice feelling. After gym, after a shower, standing in the private courtyard, buck naked, dripping. The air is cool but my body is still heated from the shower. The sky up above is blue. Almost perfect. All I could want is sunlight, but it is seven pm and the sunlight is brushing the tops of the trees. I can hear the highway breathing behind the wall. I see my half-reflection in the glass door, and turn and move to see how I am looking. Not bad. Not Charles Atlas, but not Elvis either.

Minutes later I am clad, driving on the highway, rocketing home. Then I take time to water the grass verge. It’s done well over winter, with planting, weeding, fertilizing, mowing. Now all I have to do is keep it alive until the end of February, when the great irrigation system in the sky starts up again.

Endorphins calm me, that’s one of the reasons why I work out so much.

The sex in your soul will damn you to hell, damn you to hell, damn you to hell.