I say it over and over again. I want to, it’s how I feel. That word.

I have just bathed, and am walking around the house looking for a towel. I’ve been saying that word for a while. I’m getting used to it, good.

Today was not much of a day – quiet at work, but I have to be there in case my baby app server throws a tantrum. It did on Sunday, but the provider upstream has already admitted on Monday morning that the outage was due to them rebooting whilst installing the service pack on their server to fix the problem that caused the outage earlier in the week. Serves them right for using Microsoft.

Soon I'll start another site or feature, and proably not finish it before my contract runs out. They'd love to renew, and so would I, but I know I will move on.

I cannot blame it all on her,
To blame her all would be a lie
But many a night I’ve lain awake,
and wished that I could watch her die.

And all will be boring and repetitive until next weekend, which will be much the same again, only I’ve spent much of the month’s money now.

The car has been serviced and is running perfectly. It bloody should be, for what it cost.

We change, but after a while, we have been learning so long that we are forgetting at the same rate as we are learning, and we’ll never get any better. This is all there is. And it starts to bleach white as a bone, all the juice leached out of life.