I used to live with Art students.

When N- graduated, I saw her exhibition pieces, her final work (which was some of the most original work I've seen), much of it frozen. Plucked chickens with hands reaching into them, messages spelled out in alphabet noodles. Delacate hands made from whale fat. The seven deadly sins, all in icy biogical material, slowly accumulating frost and freezer burn

And the chocolates. A little pile of them, all casts of her cunt. Various expressions. I couldn't help thinking: when was she doing that, quietly, in her room? And When did she borrow the wooden chopping board for that photo of that manipulated chicken, and as a vegetarian, I hope she washed it well afterwards.

I haven't seen her for about six months. After graduating, she moved to Johannesburg.

Last night (a quiet saturday night, aweekend spent on the internet) while surfing the news sites of the old country, I see her mentioned. Causing a stir. Refered to as a conceptual artist At an exhibition of artists making thier art in public. They are selling the resulting chocolates.

I am not making this up